• Design team:Dmitry Dubrovsky
  • Client:Wright Park Club Village
  • Architecture:Stanislav Shuvalov, Dmitry Dubrovsky
  • Engineering, mechanical:Active House, Fresh Air
  • Location:Leningrad area, Russia
  • Type:residential, house
  • Area:284,3 m2
  • Design:2013
  • Construction:in progress
  • 3D-visualization:Dmitry Dubrovsky

Project of the model house in "Wright Park" Club Village.

The main goal was to create cozy interior according to the conception of "organic house", set by Frank Lloyd Wright in the beginning of the 20th century. And at the same time we have to correct the space, that was created by the previous architect. The principles of space organization are straight visual axis, neutral organic backgrounds and symmetry. The house is energy efficient due to technologies available on market. The Intelligent Building System Panel is used for control of energy consumption.