• Design team:Pavel Kobets
  • Client:private individual
  • Engineering, mechanical:Klimatika
  • Location:114 Leninsky Ave., Saint-Petersburg, Russia
  • Type:residential, apartment
  • Area:69,7 м2
  • Design:2010-2011
  • Construction:2011-2012
  • 3D-visualization:Pavel Kobets

The main target of the project is to create modern and minimalistic interior of the apartment for a three member family. The head of the family used to live in France and Switzerland for a while. The whole room reflects the outlook of the client. The interior is quite restrained, functional and brief. It’s performed in a common comprehension.

The planning design is formed in the context of the existing constructional features of the apartment house with bearing room’s walls. The main pecularity of the wall construction is the disassembly of window-sill blocks in the sitting-room and the room for children. This was made for functional and visual expansion of the doorways of the loggia.

The main accent was made on LED-installation, which was integrated into the dividing wall of the kitchen zone. The installation of horizontal mirror canvases appears to be the support of the visual expansion of the doorway.

The material of the floor is pleasant ceramic-granite with counterfeit of two-shade tree. IR floor-mats are placed all around the floor. The expandable patio-doors are installed between the loggia and the living quarters. The door constructions in the bathroom and bedroom are made of aluminium with shockproof glace glass. The door in the sitting-room has a telescopic expandable guide. The main lightning of the house are narrow profiles with LED-source which are installed and hidden.