• Design team:Andrei Yankovsky
  • Client:private individual
  • Architecture:ArtProject Plus
  • Location:10 Moiseenko Str., Saint-Petersburg, Russia
  • Type:residential, apart-hotel
  • Area:153 m2
  • Design:2013
  • Construction:in progress
  • 3D-visualization:Nikolay Galkin

Design project of two model apartments and reception area for apart hotel in Saint Petersburg.

Our task was to design interior space for temporary stay within existing architectural project.

Solution: the designed space is oriented on creating comfort and coziness.  It should be designed so as the person who is inside, would feel very comfortable. The furniture and equipment amount is minimum. The main criteria's for choosing the materials for the project, were practicality and compliance with safety standards of public premises. Also, pay special attention to the colours and lightening decisions of the interior, the main principle of which were creating favourable atmosphere for all guests of the hotel.