• Design team:Andrei Yankovsky
  • Client:private individual
  • Location:27 Kolomyazhsky Ave., Saint-Petersburg, Russia
  • Type:commercial, office
  • Area:344,1 m2
  • Design:2013
  • Construction:2013-2014
  • Photo:Solo Office Interiors

In many spheres of human activities, we need a comfortable and favorable environment, be it at work or at home. We spend quite a lot of time in the office, and it essential to provide such conditions that could help us in our fruitful working process. It does not only mean state-of-the-art smart technologies. What is of great importance here is the facility infrastructure, communication between the colleagues, lighting, color scheme, ergonomical furniture, - all this influences out emotional and physical life.

The office is elongated and divided into several functional zones.

All the partitions were made of gypsum plasterboard and glass. The central part presents a reception desk located in relation to the front door.

Our main task was to create a convenient interior in a modern minimalist style. A reserved and “clean” look of the interior alludes to the progressive character of the company.

For decoration we used highly persistent interior paint, ornamental wall mount material imitating concrete; porcelain gres.