Coyote Ugly NSK

  • Design team:Pavel Kobets
  • Client:Bar Time NSK
  • Engineering, mechanical:Alliance, SACAP, Alpha-Climate
  • Contractor:StroySib
  • Location:15 Gogolya Str., Novosibirsk, Russia
  • Type:commercial, bar
  • Area:587,8 m2
  • Design:2012
  • Construction:2012
  • Photo:Vitaly Ivanov


The first bar "Coyote Ugly" was opened in New York in 1993. At the moment there are 23 bars in this chain located in the USA, Germany, Russia and Ukraine.

Bar concept.

The basic concept of this truly American bar is dancing on the bar counter to rousing music in the atmosphere of unconcern and happiness. The latter is easy to achieve in the presence of the famous "coyotes", attractive and charming female bartenders. Not less famous characteristic of "Coyote Ugly" is the oversized bar counters. This bar is different from many of the others because it does without a kitchen and any additional technologies and process lines, which reflects the first and foremost function of a public place of such a kind. "Coyote Ugly" is a bar proper in its pure form.

Project engineering and realization.

The bar "Coyote Ugly" in Novosibirsk is located on the first floor of the trading center "Jupiter". Originally it has had a separate entrance from outside which met the exploitation parameter requirements of the building.

The distinguishing feature of the bar’s layout is that inside the bar our guests find themselves in the Small Hall (saloon), from which they can get to the Main Hall. This is determined first of all by the shape and form of the interior, which prompted us to the decision to diverge from the standard layout of a bar. On the other hand this added some intriguing authenticity to the atmosphere inside.

The main functional zones were arranged in the following way: the Small Hall forms a line of a 13,5-meter long bar counter and a podium with leisure zones; the Mail Hall is divided into three zones: a line of the bar counter of 20,5 meters, a dance floor and a podium with counters and leisure zones for visitors. Other functions are distributed between the rooms in the entrance zone: a cash-register and a cloak-room, guest sanitary conveniences, staff rooms as well as technical and housekeeping areas.

The stylistic peculiarities of the bar catch the eye as soon as you see the entry portal. The inspiration for the concept was taken from the prototypical American cinemas of the 1950s-60s and from the famous motion picture company Hollywood. This theme distinguishes the bar in Novosibirsk from all the other bars of the chain "Coyote Ugly". The color scheme is characterized by contrast of black and white tones which are blended with bright red stains. This contributes to very acute visual perception of the space. The interior is quite brutal and this is emphasized with the help of various elements and details made of metal – from utility lines to decorations. Additional emphasis is put on light and advertising installations which refer to movie posters and visual elements of a movie theatre. Almost every detail in the bar – from illumination lamps to bar counters – is made-to-measure after individual sketches and drafts.

All the engineering systems from ventilation system to low-current networks were designed and made in keeping with the requirements to the purpose and further exploitation of the place. All project and subcontractor works were performed by specialists from Saint Petersburg, Novosibirsk and Omsk. The overall realization time – 5 months.