Coyote Ugly EKB

  • Design team:Pavel Kobets
  • Client:Bar Time EKB
  • Engineering, mechanical:Grachev and Partners, ZSK-Region
  • Acoustics:Audio Solutions
  • Location:51 Malysheva Str., Yekaterinburg, Russia
  • Type:commercial, bar
  • Area:550 m2
  • Design:2011-2012
  • Construction:2012


The first bar "Coyote Ugly" was opened in New York in 1993. At the moment there are 23 bars in this chain located in the USA, Germany, Russia and Ukraine.

Bar concept.

The basic concept of this truly American bar is dancing on the bar counter to rousing music in the atmosphere of unconcern and happiness. The latter is easy to achieve in the presence of the famous "coyotes", attractive and charming female bartenders. Not less famous characteristic of "Coyote Ugly" is the oversized bar counters. This bar is different from many of the others because it does without a kitchen and any additional technologies and process lines, which reflects the first and foremost function of a public place of such a kind. "Coyote Ugly" is a bar proper in its pure form.

Project engineering and realization.

Yet another bar of the American chain "Coyote Ugly" is located on the first floor of the trade and exhibition complex of the business center "Vysotsky", the highest building on the territory beyond the Urals.

The building has a cast-in-situ concrete frame. The ceiling height ranges from 4 to 5,5 meters. The original lay-out of this space has a spacious net-like pattern with massive bearing pads. This context determined the development of the future bar space. Just like in other bars of this chain the space here is divided into the main functional zones: an entrance hall with a cloak-room for the visitors; the Main hall with a 25,5-meter long dance bar counter and a podium; a mini-bar and a counter; sanitary conveniences; the Small hall (saloon) with an additional 13,5-meter long bar counter, a separate podium and leisure zones; staff rooms, utility and technical area. In the void in the staff area we managed to arrange a mezzanine for bar employees’ needs which made it possible to extend the usable floor area of the bar.

As a basic concept for the bar in Yekaterinburg we employed elements of Pin-Up style and retro-motives of the 1950-60s. This can be traced in both the color score and separate details, and in the general interior perception. Such elements of style are blended with more brutal components: floor coatings (concrete, larch boards), rough wall finish and trimming, uncovered utility lines. Most of the décor elements had been brought by the client from the USA. Designer graffiti have become another essential feature of the interior. Brand advertising installations, original lamp-shades with designer prints have added to the brightness and the lively atmosphere of the bar.

The embodiment of the project lay in hands of numerous specialists, subcontractors, suppliers from Yekaterinburg, Kazan, Saint Petersburg and Moscow. Project engineering, construction and decoration works including installation of equipment and trimming were to be completed in 5 months. Everything was ready to the fullest extent and within the time-limits determined by the client.